We have created an economy that evolves around 3 currencies: Adena, Gold and Donation Coins. This economy has been made in such a way, that each currency is relevant to young and old players. In addition, we implemented enough measures to ensure that no mass inflation will take place. The market itself will create the currency exchange rate. If for example one player wants VIP status but can not donate, he can buy donation coins from another player for Adena or Gold.

Adena is farmed from monsters and quest just like retail servers. Gold is farmed from killing raid bosses level 59+. Each boss and epic boss has a chance to drop gold. Donation Coins are obtained by donating to the server. Instead of donating money for weapons, armor, epics, enchants or other in-game rewards, donating to our project will only lead to donation coins. These coins can only be obtained by donating and can be used for various causes such as:
- Quests, donation coins can be used to buy noble quest items, epic quest items (Valakas, Frintezza, Baium, Antharas), Ketra / Varka quest items (up tot he mane farming stage)
- Accessories (Hats, QHP, etc.)
- Player Services: PK reduction, changing nickname, changing name color, gender, hairstyle, etc.
- Removing jail points
- Buying VIP status

Since donating does not lead to any primary gear, it will not lead to a Pay2Win situation.

The VIP status that can be bought with donation coins, offers you Alt-B functionality anywhere on the map. In addition, VIPs can buff:
- Elemental Protection
- Divine Protection
- Arcane protection
- Resist Holy / Unholy
- Resist Fire / Aqua / Wind
- Song of Storm / Flame Guard
- Dance of Aqua Guard

You can donate from the account panel and cash-in on your donation points immediately.

Click here to see a video on the VIP NPC.