The stats, skills and resistances of all bosses have been modified. Bosses may be tougher than expected. In return, higher level bosses drop the Gold currency which is used for Blessed Enchant scrolls. Lower level bosses give clan reputation points so that clans do not have to create new characters to level their clan up. To compensate for increased stats and difficulty, bosses can be debuffed just like in C1, C2 and C3. The only exception is fear. The fear effect will never land on a boss. All other effects, root, stun, sleep, slow / entangle / freezing strike, poison, bleed, silence, Demon Wind, Blizzard, Inferno and so on can land. Since bosses have increased speed as well, players need to plan ahead on how to handle them.

Example 1:
A boss has +100% Speed, +100% Patk / Matk. Players will have to use "Slow 3" "Entangle" or "Hamstring" constantly to keep the boss on Effect 3 Slow. This enables nukers to keep distance and keep hitting this boss.

Example 2:
A boss has +25.000 HP Regen per second. Unless an alliance is able to have a DPS output above 25.000, this boss can not be killed. The alliance must bring enough Spellhowlers to keep the boss permanently on Demon Wind effect, disabling his natural HP Regeneration.

To guarantee PvP on bosses, players automatically flag when attacking ANY raid boss.

To make the hunt of raid bosses a rewarding adventure, all raid bosses give clan reputation points.

Click here to see a movie on raid bosses and raid boss flagging.

We have boosted all epic bosses in multiple ways. We have done so in such a way, that they are killable by a sizable, leveled up group but not as easy as on many normal servers. Keep in mind that after you win the PvP, there is still a boosted boss you must kill.