PvP on L2CotP does not differ from the official servers. We have however, created custom PvP zones near epic bosses to ensure PvP will take place and no dirty karma / flag tactics are possible. Relevant zones located near the following Epic Raid Bosses have been turned into PvP combat zones:
- Ant Queen
- Core
- Orfen
- Zaken
- Frintezza
- Baium
- Antharas
- Valakas

To ensure that the border of the PvP combat zone will not be abused, players do not take karma when killing someone out of the zone while the attacker is standing in the zone. This means the real boundary of a PvP zone is the edge of the zone + Max achievable range of attack. To guarantee PvP on normal world raid bosses, all players automatically flag when attacking a world raid boss.

Click here to see a movie on epic boss pvp zones.


To offer a new dimension to PvP, all debuffs and DOT (Damage over time) skills have been reviewed. The land rate of a standard debuff or DOT skill on a standard unbuffed player is very high. Using these skills on buffed players, the chances are still favorable. Only when a player is buffed, has full epics, full clan skills and a full set of A or S armor with a specific resistance, he can properly resist debuffs and DOTs.

The tick damage of all DOTs has been increased to 150 on max. level. This means that a poison, bleed or flame skill deals 150 damage per tick at its highest level. Equip yourself and buff up accordingly!


The Swordsinger and Bladedancer have been made more interesting for PvP. Poison Blade Dance and Sting receive the higher tick damage mentioned earlier. The land rate and effect of all SWS / BD AoE negative attacks has been greatly increased. Additionally, the SWS and BD have received passive Heavy Armor Nastery up to level 74 and Deflect Arrow level 4. This greatly improves their ability to absorb damage in PvP and stand a chance against other classes in Olympiad.


Our Shillien Elder and Elven Elder class have both received a Greater Recharge skill. This is a more powerful mana Recharge at a proportionally increased mana comsumption. We have implemented this skill to compensate for the slow speed of our MP potions. This will also make these healer classes more relevant. The Shillien Elder has also received a skill called Greater Mana Burn. This is a very powerful mana burning skill. With only a few shots, a full MP bar can be drained.

Click here to see a movie on the Greater Recharge and Greater Mana Burn skill.