Our Olympiad works retail-like regarding registering and randomized duels in arenas. Keep in mind that all modified skills will influence the way Olympiad is played. On many servers the standard Olympiad farmers are the Prophet, Elven Elder, Dominator, Tyrant and Duelist. On our server, the BD/SWS and other classes with many debuffs also stand reasonable chances.


The Seven Signs Cycle itself is the same as retail. We have however, modified the results of the outcome. For every seal that Dawn loses, castle owners see their manor production decrease by a certain percentage of the retail production numbers. If, for example, Dawn does not hold the Seal of Strife, manor production will be decreased by 25% (Avarice is 10%, Gnosis is 15%).

If the Revolutionaries of Dusk win all 3 seals, the Priestess of Dusk sells items you can normally buy from a castle through the manor system. These items can be bought with Adena until the next period begins.

This means the following items are added to the Priestess Of Dusk Shop:
- Enchant Weapon D/C/B/A
- Enchant Armor D/C/B/A
- Quick Healing Potions
- Book of Giant
- Dualsword Craft Stamp

All other retail Dawn / Dusk effects remain.

We think that Seven Signs is now a weapon that can be used against alliances and clans who rely on castle production. Free players and independent clans can sabotage the benefits of large clans and alliances.