New players need to know that we allow botting as long as the player attends the game. Whatever program you use, we do not care as long as you are not AFK. We have a CAPTCHA system that will check you periodically. The staff will also run manual checks on players.

We suggest that a new player make 2 accounts. 1 account contains the character and class the new player wants to be. The other account contains a Spellhowler for leveling. Use a bot program to have the Spellhowler XP while you have your main character in party. On many servers this is bannable, while on our server, it is totally legitimate.

Remember to vote as often as you can as voting gives you extra buff slots on our server. These can be used for additional buffs while farming.

Crafting A and S grade gear with the low rates our server has may take some time. B grade is a very good alternative for many new players. We have modified the Seductive Whispers quest from the Blacksmith in Aden. It is now a quest where a player can use farmed quest items to directly buy 60% and 100% B grade armor recipes.

In addition, the Blacksmith of Mammon will upgrade D grade weapons up to top B grade (excluding dualswords).

Click this link to see a movie on the custom B Grade recipe quest.

When you are progressing in the game, keep in mind that on our server, B and A grade enchant rates are modified. All armors, set bonuses and weapons + SA are available. Certain exceptions have been made:
- Multiple daggers up to the Demon Sword can be outfitted with the Might Mortal SA
- The Apella A grade armor has received an S grade equivalent. The S grade Apellas have identical stats to regular S grade armor. S grade Apella armors have the same PvP effects as A grade Apella armors. Their land rate has been increased and they reduce XP loss on death.

We have modified the enchant rate in such a way that enchanting D/C to +14, B to +12, A to +10 is equally as likely to enchanting S to +6. We have also modified the P.Def of B and A armors to give equal P.Def to +6 S armors. This means that a level 76+ player has +/- equal P.Def with Zubei Light +12, Majestic Light +10 and Draconic Leather +6.

We will not give out our exact enchant rates, you will have to experiment with them.

All retail methods of obtaining Enchant / Blessed Enchant scrolls are available (Spoil, Drop, Olympiad). In addition, Blessed Enchant Scrolls are available in the Gold store. Regular enchant scrolls are also available in the secret Dusk Shop.

Crystal Enchant Weapon / Armor S / A are also available. These scrolls have a 100% success chance and are only dropped by Antharas and Valakas. There is no other way to obtain these scrolls.