Clans function the way they do on retail. Clans need to be leveled and clan reputation points are required for expansion and clan skills. Clan reputation points can be farmed retail-like. In addition, clan reputation points are gained when a clan member is involved in killing a raid boss. A clan that farms raid bosses daily, will gain a lot of reputation points.

We have limited the clans per alliance to 2. This literally means an alliance can not consist of more than 2 clans. We have done so to ensure that multiple factions will be created. We would gladly like to see players create a 3- or 4-sided server.

Apella sets can be bought with clan reputation points as on retail servers.


Clan Halls and auctioning of Clan Halls is retail like. In addition, we have used the unused fortress areas of Interlude to make clan fortresses. They can be bought from a separate auctioneer found in Hunter's Village. Payment is made in VIP Coins on purchase and per week.


Castles give great economic benefits and are usually poorly defended by NPCs. We have modified this. Each castle contains level 80 guards that have stats comparable to level 76 fully buffed players. All guards use soulshots and spiritshots. Last but not least, each type of guard has skills corresponding to his class.

Guards are running around using:
- Shield Stun
- Earthquake
- Shock Stomp
- Shock Blast
- Armor Crush
- Tribunal
- Stun Shot
- Double Shot
- Hurricane
- Aqua Splash
- Prominence
- Greater Battle Heal
- Heart Of Pa'agrio

We advise you to bring a large force if you do not want to be destroyed by guards. Aden guards have received an additional HP and MP boost on top of all other modifications. The mercenaries that castle lords can rent have comparable stats and skills to the regular NPC guards. Mercenaries are now very useful. This does carry its price. Mercenaries are substantially more expensive to hire.

Sieges will be held every week on saturday and sunday. However, a specific castle is only siegeable once per 14 days. In addition, clan leaders are allowed to choose the siege time of their castle from 3 options.

The standard manor production of a castle has been reduced.
For each seal the Lords of Dawn win, the production goes up. If Dawns hold all the 3 seals (Avarice, Gnosis and Strife), production is back to normal quantities. You will only notice this as a castle owning clan when looking into your castle warehouse and counting your ripe crops. It is now important for castle owning clans to win the Seven Signs Event.