L2 COTP will run with a very small and tight rulebook. In general, there are only a few rules that must be followed:

1. Accept and respect the decision of the staff in any matter. Not doing so may lead to a chat ban or jail time.

2. Do not market or spread propaganda for other servers. Doing so will lead to a permanent ban or a very long jail time.

3. Do not use third party software while being afk. Doing so will lead to jail time. Using this software attended is allowed. Yes. Using Adrenaline, L2Tower, L2Superman, L2Walker and/or PHX while being present, is allowed.

4. Do not abuse or exploit flaws of the game or server build. Doing so will lead to a permanent ban. We assume players will report any bug or flaw they find.

5. Think about your words to another player. We punish vulgar language or threats based on our own interpretations. Punishment varies from a chat ban or jail time up to a permanent ban.

You are jailed if the staff manually jails your character or if you fail our captcha system. Our captcha system is used to check for the use of 3th party software while being AFK. You automatically receive 1 jail point when you are jailed. In jail, you can pay the warden in Adena to be released immediately. The more jail points you have, the higher the price. There will also be other consequences on having jail points. Jail points are removed by talking and paying off the redeemer at the altar of Aden Church or by using donation coins.

Click here to see a video about the jail system.