We want players to see the value of C, B and A armor sets and we like to see them used in PvP. On many servers, end game players all use S grade and mages use enchanted DC sets. This is repetitive and boring.


We have modified the enchant rate in such a way that enchanting D/C+14, B+12, A+10 is equal to enchanting S+6. We have also modified the Pdef of B and A armors to give equal Pdef to +6 S armors. We will not give out our exact enchant rates. Instead, the following example will suffice:
- Chance to enchant S armor +4 or more = X%
- Chance to enchant A armor +4 or more = X%+25%
- Chance to enchant B armor +4 or more = X%+30%
- Chance to enchant D/C armor +4 or more = X%+32%
This means that a level 76+ player has +/- equal Pdef with ZubeiLight+12, MajesticLight+10 and DraconicLeather+6.

Obtaining Scrolls
All retail methods of obtaining Enchant / Blessed Enchant scrolls, are available. In addition, Blessed Enchant Scrolls are available in the Gold store. Regular enchant scrolls are also available in the secret Dusk Shop.

Crystal Enchant Weapon / Armor S / A are also available. These scrolls have a 100% success chance and are only dropped by Antharas and Valakas. There is no other way to obtain these scrolls.