We want 7-Signs to be competitive and rewarding. We have made some changes to make Dusk a more interesting side and to create a serious competition. We consider Dawn to be the side of castle owning clans and Dusk to be the side of clans without a castle and individual players.


The side of Dawn must secure all seals to have maximum manor production. For each seal lost to Dusk or Neutral, manor production decreases by 15% off the base production. This means that if all seals are lost, total castle production is reduced by 45%.

The side of Dusk must secure all seals to be able to access the secret Dusk shop. This Dusk shop contains all items normally produced on a manor system. These items can then be bought for Adena and AncientAdena combined. The prices of these items are high but this gives Clans without a castle access to production aswell. Items in this secret Dusk shop are all normal Priest / Priestess items with the following items added:
- Enchant Weapon D/C/B/A
- Enchant Armor D/C/B/A
- Quick Healing Potions
- Book of Giant
- Dualsword Craft Stamp

All other retail Dawn / Dusk effects remain.